Share Your Story. Get Noticed.
Build Relationships.

BizStoria is all about building relationships. And relationships build businesses. When you tell your story, others get to know you immediately and begin to understand your “why.” Through you, they recognize themselves and can relate to your struggles, hardships, triumphs and victories. They read about the challenges you have overcome and why you persevered despite the obstacles; despite people telling you that you can’t.

But you can. More importantly, you did. Your message – about how and why you succeeded – can inspire others. BizStoria is your platform for success and to be heard. Success comes from inspiring others, and by sharing your message with the world, others will be inspired to follow your lead. Your Biz-story bridges the gap between you and the people you want to reach – the people who will become your loyal and valued customers.

One Powerful Way to Connect.

Knowing your message is not enough. Action, marketing and promotion creates a following. So what makes BizStoria different from familiar business sites? You do.

People will buy from you to either solve a problem or to create a new result. BizStoria goes beyond the products or services being sold. It’s about who is selling—and why. You differentiate yourself on a personal level, then let others know how your products and services can add value to their lives.

One Fabulous Page to Promote Yourself.

You will get one dynamic, personalized story page to share your story. From just one page, on one site, you can engage your audience and gain followers in a way that beats other business networking sites.

One of BizStoria’s greatest benefits is promotion and cross-promotion. BizStoria offers an economical way to cross-promote your products or services, but only after people realize “WHY” they WANT to connect. As well, members can export a list of email address in which these members WANT to receive more information. Nobody gets lost in a news feed.

Creative businesses are always seeking better, more effective ways to cross-promote their message since so many businesses are competing for a slice of market share. If your story resonates with others, you can gain more visibility, increase your brand loyalty and gain new customers.

Tell your story on BizStoria for unmatched business euphoria.