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Rhoda Gelman

Professional & Certified PR Mentor Over 30 Years Promoting Your Company and Products to Media

We are not the ordinary consultants in the PR/Communications World. Our Passion is 'Story-Telling.' Providing Tools and Techniques to discover your genuine strengths. Seizing creative opportunities that allow 'you to shine.' How to attract How to Attract 'Genuine Clients.' Be Empowered.

Seaside , Oregon

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My Business Story


A New Journey and Adventure has begun! I have been in the arena of Public Relations & Communications, with a creative niche as a Certified  Personal & Business Astrologer, for almost thirty years. The beginning was filled with passion and excitement for helping individuals to learn how the planets, orbiting in all the different signs are affecting their entire life. No, not telling the person 'what to do or conditioning,' but as a unique and creative tool and guide. When we come into this world, we are not the same. Let's get that straight. We do not have to be the same. Our individuality is unique and our personality represents how we express our self and who we are. Where "We Shine in Our Lives." Communicating with others and helping each person to feel safe and secure with their personal story opened up an inner window in helping me to discover my expertise as an astrologer.

I always had a passion for writing, however developing an art for 'story-telling' was in fact: 'another story.' It took genuine patience and understanding to listen and hear each person's life story. There is an old saying among writers: when you feel that inner passion and genuine confidence, the 'pen is almost writing by itself.' it is creating a symphony.  The Art of Story-Telling is an actual Symphony, shining the light on each individual. In the early days as a consultant and or teacher of Astrology, I did not recognize the actual 'art of story-telling.' I was busy learning about my own skills, tools and techniques. I was still a somewhat infant in the universe and in the arena of public relations. I was in awe of other experienced and celebrity astrologers and at times felt a bit insecure and frustrated with my early skills. Then I met a spiritual astrologer and somehow felt safe in sharing these feelings. He intuitively recognized my passion for how astrology does play a major role in helping individuals to discover who and what they are. He explained the art of learning and discovering with patience and approaching others with always being genuine. He exclaimed that he saw a special gift of my passion and intuition, with a true sense of wanting to help people discover their own self identity and empowerment. It was an amazing experience. He definitively influenced me to be patient with discovering my own internal awareness and confidence as I move forward with my journey. I never forgot him!

As I moved forward with my own journey of learning and exploring, I began to understand my own identity and image. I began to recognize my own unique skills, tools, personal emotions and passion. I was creating my own 'Self Tapestry.' How did I discover my individual image and identity? Learning and researching the energies of all the planets and signs. How they are aligned and how they are totally different and can oppose one another. The meaning of 'opposition' as a learning tool and when there are conflicts with one another, how to overcome these obstacles. Do you notice on the social medias, when individuals are going through changes and are lost and or frustrated as to how or what to do? Others will respond with: just get out there and do it. Be positive. It is not that simple. There is no one answer for all of us! It is by understanding and recognizing our own individual personality, image and or identity that we will discover our 'own sincere passion and confidence.'  

My niche for public relations is the 'Story-Telling' of Each Individual's Personal Life Experience and How the Planets and Signs in the Universe Help All of us to Accept Who We Are - Make the Changes that We Can and Realize Our Hopes and Dreams. It is the most wonderful and empowered feeling to honor and respect yourself and Attain Your Goals and Path, for it is then that we can sincerely and genuinely help others to become Who They Are!

My Passion for Public Relations and Communications focuses on the Unique Side of Creativity and Originality. Our Press Release are based on the 'story-telling' of each individual and promoting your business and product/s.  We help you to discover 'who your clients and or customers are in the social medias, organizations and within society.' We create an original project to match your goals and budget. Therefore, it is Creative,  Original and Empowered. Empowerment = Success! 

A little personal story: My mother was educationally oriented and tried to persuade me to educate myself and become a teacher in school, and universities. I did not have this passion and did not pursue education with this purpose. I studied business with a focus on psychology and journalism. Low and Behold, my story is insightful on entering the world of Astrology and Communications - so, here I am as a 'Teacher - A Teacher of the Universe.' My adventure and journey is always moving forward and evolving with a definitive passion for: what is just around the corner.....

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