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Stu Feldman

Visionary, online marketing/biz consultant, all with an eye to fulfill God's plan/purpose in my life

My primary objective is to build a new membership platform that rewards members with the best tools for success and support to accomplish their goals online and offline, as well as financial rewards for sharing the site, paid DIRECT to other members' accounts.

Ft. Lauderdale , FL

Mission: Possible! 

Dear BizStoria Readers.  It is with great pleasure to have this opportunity to open up and share the 'why' in my personal quest for success and personal fulfillment of  helping others reach their dreams and desires, and have real hope in reaching higher levels of wealth and health.  

My passion to be entrepreneurial began back in my high school days and having the awesome opportunity to participate in Junior Achievement.  Also while in high school, I began reading various positive thinking books that planted such powerful seeds of entrepreneurship in my life.  While I went on to college, I left school to work full time at American Express in Plantation, FL and arose through the ranks of the computer room which was on the forefront of the latest IBM Mainframe computers systems.  At age 21, I was actually helping to schedule and assist in the daily operations of Amex, but, my entrepreneurial dreams persisted and I left there to follow my passion for sales and marketing, and living the 'American Dream'.     

After some tumultuous years of being my own boss, and turning to God in my life, I was able to catch on at Florida Power and Light, working in another excellent company with a top tier computer center and worked there for eight years, until the fall of 1992.   Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida and I could see first hand the devastation of not just homes and businesses, but people's lives which were uprooted and affected greatly.  With new opportunities at hand, I once again left a '9-5' job  in pursuit of a life of 'chasing the American Dream' and have been an independent contractor, business consultant and online marketing strategist.  I was so blessed to have a gig with Mobil/Exxon for 16 years (1995-2011) doing local marketing and research for them, all the while being able to have a flexible schedule, pursuing God's will in my life, and became a full time lay minister while seeking out ways to serve others.  

This is the backbone of my passion for all that I do, to help others succeed and grow in their pursuits.  Yes, we all want to live a comfortable life and be free of economic hardships, while maintaining good health.  You simply cannot enjoy the fruits of your labor successfully without good health. Amen? The two must go hand in hand together.   

After years of experiencing the ups and downs of experimentation to find the 'right stuff', well, I believe that I've done the homework for you and for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and go to work, even part time, lives can be changed.   This is the basis for our exciting membership platform soon to be unveiled, that will create excellent supporting incomes to those who earnestly take part of our program.   

Last April a good online friend was raving about a new health supplement he and his wife had been taking, and they just were not getting sick, as well as experiencing great improvements in their bodies and overall health.  So, I had to try this and it is called JDI Stem Cell Nutrition plus vitamins.  Within two weeks my daily nasal congestion, early morning sneezing, etc. just disappeared.  This was amazing to me and I went on to research this relatively new science of stem cell nutrition.  

My findings after researching and trying multiple products was that the JDI Multi was truly the best out there that I could find at any price due to it's patented formula that integrates advanced nutritional support that affect several areas of our health needs, but certainly helps the body create naturally more stem cells, the building blocks of all of our repair mechanisms within our body's fight to offset any sickness and disease, prematurely. If we all must age, why not do it gracefully and with the added capabilities of releasing so many more stem cells into our system.  Please note, we do not make any claims that it will fix any particular disease or problem, but we have testimony after testimony as to how this new pill, now 4 yrs. old and even further refined, works to bring us greater health and vibrancy.  Please review .

Stay tuned for further updates. 

 So excited to share more of my current business model!  Stay tuned! 

We live in tumultuous times with unparalleled opportunities. 


More to be revealed!